housing futures workshop cover

On May 10, 2020, Black Quatum Futurism presented a workshop called Time in Justice x Housing Futures exploring the relationship between justice, linear time constructs, and notions of the future in marginalized Black communities. Rasheedah Phillips provided examples from Black Quantum Futurism’s communal quantum time capsule archive and other projects exploring housing, temporality, gentrification, and Black histories and futurities, as well as from her own work providing legal representation to families facing housing instability, and working on housing policy issues with a racial justice and afrofuturist lens. Through an online group exercise, participants applied afrofuturist visioning tools to imagining housing futures, considering the opportunities for disrupting temporal and spatial displacement for vulnerable people in their own communities.

The video shows Part II of Black Quantum Futurism Time in Justice x Housing Futures online workshop on May 10, 2020 (Part I was not recorded). https://youtu.be/ConIPgz8Lcs